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Benedikt Huber

Machine Learning Engineer


About me

Despite my severe visual impairment (<5% of a normal humans ability to see, <2% is considered blind) I got my bachelors degree in computer sciences in 2017 at the age of 22. After trying to apply for a job as a data scientist without success I decided to start my own small consulting business. Since then I have been working as an IT consultant for all kinds of startups, non-profit organizations and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Because of my visual impairment and because I received a lot of support both during my studies and my business activities I co-founded (in 2015) a non profit organization (BV-I) that helps other people with all kinds of disadvantages. From October 2020 to March 2021 I went back to university to complete my masters degree in computer science in parallel to growing my business. I am eager to learn, continuously improve and to get to know interesting companies and people.

In my spare time I enjoy doing sports. I used to do a lot of martial arts. Today I mostly go jogging or to the gym. Although I am not very good at it I cook almost every day. Another passion of mine is investing, mostly index investing and algorithmic trading. I started over 10 years ago and still enjoy watching my strategies generate money. In between customer projects I work on a couple of pet projects in order to not get out of practice.



I love IT and the web. I created dozens of websites for friends, familiy and customers. If you need a cheep, simple website feel free to contact me.

Economy & Markets

After more then 10 years of experience in investing I am still passionate about the economy and financial markets. Lately I developed and implemented some algorithmic trading strategies.

Machine Learning

I started learning about and using machine learning about 5 years ago. I am especially interested in applying machine learning to real problems to generate real value.


Machine Learning Tools:

PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, TFLite, OpenAI API, Optuna, …


Real world Machine Learning experience with:

Chatbots, efficient deep learning/model compression, wakeword detection, image classification, face detection/recognition, image object detection, image/audio data augmentation, hyperparameter tuning, …



AWS, GCP, Google DialogFlow CX, Docker, Kubernetes, …


Main programming languages:

Python, Java


Basic experience with other programming languages:

HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, C/C++, PHP, Go, Assembly (Motorola 68k Familie), Matlab/Simulink, Bash, …


DevOps / MLOps:

Git, Gitlab, Github, Jenkins, Docker, MLFlow, …


Operating Systems:

Linux (Ubuntu 14 to 22, CentOS 8), Windows (XP to 10), Android (4 to 11), …


Other frameworks:

FastAPI, Bottle, Firebase, Android App Development, Django Webframework, WordPress, Vue.js, Unreal Engine 3 / 4, Matlab/Simulink, …


If you are interested in one of my pet projects, you need a cheep, simple website or you need support with one of your software projects, do not hesitate to contact me.
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